Centre for Advance Research and Excellence (CARE) in Neuromodulation

Centre for Advance Research and Excellence (CARE) in Neuromodulation


The objectives of this program include:
1.Participants will gain thorough knowledge of the clinical applications of rTMS.
2.Hands-on experience with the rTMS equipment, including understanding the functions and settings of the device and coil placement, along with safety protocols and pre-requisites.
3.Training of participants in the assessment and screening of potential candidates for rTMS treatment or research.

  • Centre for Advance Research and Excellence (CARE)-ICMR & Dept. of Psychiatry, AIIMS, New Delhi is initiating National Training Program for Neuromodulation particularly Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS) from December 2023.
  • The training program will consist of hands-on training workshop on Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) with integrated interactive talk on relevant topic by the subject experts.
  • It aims to update the participants with ethical and safety standards needed in the application of rTMS for therapeutic and research purposes.
  • It aims to be comprehensive by addressing the core theoretical knowledge and developing practical skills and technical aspects pertaining to administration of rTMS.


Pre-reading – Theoretical aspects

Applicants of the training course must Pre-read the theoretical aspects before attending the hands-on training
Pre-reading materials:
♦Video recordings which would be accessible to the applicants before workshop
♦Suggested books and literature mentioned in the website
Doubts of applicants related to theoretical aspects would be clarified by experts during hands-on-training

Core Knowledge –

Safety and Ethical aspects –

•       Neuroanatomical and Neurophysiological basis of TMS
•       Basic mechanisms and components of TMS device
•       Indications and approved TMS protocols

•       Adverse effects and Screening the risk
•       Identification and management of adverse effects
•       Special Population – Pregnancy, Children, Elderly, Epilepsy
•       Regulatory aspects

Training and Supervised Practice – Practical and Technical aspects

Hands-on-Training – Day 1

Hands-on-Training – Day 2

•       Demonstration of the TMS device
•       Scalp measurements for Localization
•       Device Operation and localizing motor hotspot(Hand and Foot motor area)
•       Coil placement and calibration of protocol parameters

•       Recapitulation of Day 1
•       Practice of approved TMS Protocols
•       Conventional rTMS
•       Theta burst stimulation
•       Paired Pulse stimulation
•       Introduction to Neuronavigation assisted TMS


A 2 day workshop will be organized every 4 months amounting to 3 workshops in a year


Scheduled  Dates

April 2024
August 2024
December 2024

18th & 19th April 2024
8th & 9th Aug 2024
12th & 13th Dec 2024


Pre and Post assessment is compulsory for all the participants to receive the certificates after completion of training.